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Land Mining opportunities in India Recovery of land at Dumping Ground

To all interested partners

Project Description

Mumbai receives waste to the tune of 9500 TPD from the 24 municipal wards of Mumbai. This waste is transported and managed at Deonar, Mulund and Kanjur landfills. MCGM now intends to recover the land in Mumbai by adopting suitable technology in respect of the existing garbage dump. The site which is required to be cleared is around 24 Ha and is operational for more than the past forty years. Waste dump heaps ranging from 8 to 30 Mts height have been created at the site. As per contour survey carried out before inviting the tender, total volume of existing MSW is approximately 5.24 Million Cu.M. Considering the average density of 1 MT/Cu.M, the weight of entire MSW is estimated to be approximately 5.24 Million MT. Considering the continuous intake of MSW till commencement of the project, the quantity assumed for the subject project is 6.24 Million MT.

Scope of Work:

Objective of the proposed project is to recover entire municipal waste dump land up to its original level. To begin with MCGM intends to set up plant for processing existing garbage dump at Dumping Ground using bio-mining or any suitable technology or combination of suitable technologies having capacity of 2000 TPD expandable upto 4000 TPD in modules .

The successful bidder has to set up processing facilities to clear entire MSW within 5 years and recover the land by way of deploying suitable and sustainable technology in accordance with MSW (M &H) Rules 2000 and other applicable rules & norms. The quantity which has been processed will be assessed every quarter so as to provide flexibility to the operator in his day to day operations.

Work Experience criteria:

The tenderer shall have work experience of having successfully designed, commissioned and operationalized at least one single plant of minimum 300 TPD capacity for scientifically processing of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)’ in any Government / Semi-Government-Organizations / Public Sector Undertakings or Private Organizations during last three years ending on last day of month previous to the day of invitation of tender.

Tenderer shall certify that the technology proposed to be used for the subject project has been operational for a period of three years anywhere in the world. Submit & upload Work Completion Certificate of listed jobs from Statutory Auditor/Client clearly stating that bidder or consortium member of bidder whose technical experience is being claimed (in case of JV/Consortium) was the technical member in the project completed with minimum 26% equity in the company executing the claimed project during the period for which experience is being claimed.

Submissions of plan and methodology for the project

Bidders will submit the following documents along with the technical bid:

  • i.Detailed plan and methodology
  • ii.Sample plant flow charts
  • iii.Typical drawing of the structure to be erected as treatment plant
  • iv. Details of site laboratory
  • v. Documentary evidences for the parameters for evaluation of the Technical Bid

The hardware and technology adopted may include but will not be limited to the following:

  • i. Size reduction machineries.
  • ii. Magnetic separator for ferrous metals & scraps, also solution for non ferrous metals removal
  • iii. Size reduction & Screening
  • iv. Effective segregation of non-biodegradablesmass like plastics, inert material (construction /demolition waste), etc.
  • v. Collection of bio-degradableand organic matter followed by scientific processing.
  • vi. In case excess power is generated the same may be supplied to grid, upon obtaining appropriate approvals from concerned agencies by the bidder athis own cost.
  • vii. Transfer and disposal of metal scrap and other recyclable mass like glass and plastics toprimary producer industry either directly or through approved vendors / contractors.
  • viii. The disposal site identified by the bidder to dump the rejects/ inerts after treatment shall bein lawful possession of the bidder and is required to beapproved by the relevant competent authorities.
  • ix. Byproducts from such processing like recyclables, RDF, gas, energy etc will be the property ofthe contractor.
  • x. Deploying of all requisite inputs viz., MSW collection & handling equipment and vehicles, conveyors, JCB, dumpers etc. will be contractor’sresponsibility.
  • xi. The plant and machineries necessary for each of the above steps will be part of the proposalsubmitted to MCGM for approval.
  • xii. The plan proposed should be comprehensive in terms of providing a source to end solution.
  • xiii. The bidder shall, after clearing the waste from the site restore the ground to its original Level.

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