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European Commission welcomes new 2030 United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development

The 2030 Agenda, a universal framework for all countries to help eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development by 2030, includes an ambitious set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and will be adopted today at a special UN Summit.

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Source: European Commission
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6th International Symposium: Waste-to-Resources 2015
You will find new articles from the syposium in our online library in all categories landfill, incineration, recycling and complementary articles.

Source: Wasteconsult International

Minimising landfilling: low hanging fruits for climate protection 
The European Commission should come up with a truly ambitious circular economy package as announced by its First Vice-President Frans Timmermans when the previous package was withdrawn.
Source: CEWEP

USA: The Final Clean Power Plan: More Ambitious, More Achievable
On 3rd August 2015, President Obama announced EPA’s historic Clean Power Plan, a first-of-its-kind step to cut the harmful carbon pollution fueling climate change from the power plants of the United States of America  

Source: EPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency
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ABDE Solutions
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Kyushu University
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Landfill mining option: MBT role and landfill potential danger 
The use of landfills for the disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) has many technical and regulatory limits. An interesting solution is to recover the bales that have been previously stored in a landfill.
Status and new trends / perspectives of MBT in Germany 
Waste treatment management needs to realign specifications of sustainability of resources. According to present studies, waste treatment management is significantly able to contribute to material and energy recovery from solid waste.
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