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New Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

According to the international experts of the IPCC the temperature of the atmosphere will increase by 0.3-4.8°C until the end of this century compared to the pre-industrial level; the sea level will rise faster than expected: depending on the scenario by 26-82 cm until 2100. 
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High-Efficiency Waste-to-Energy: Concepts and Operational Experience in Amsterdam

Emission reduction has been the prime focus in the Waste-to-Energy (WtE) industry, in past decades. Maximum allowable emission limits have been reduced drastically. At present the standards for WtE emissions are lower than for almost all other industries. This fostered the development of new and improved technologies in the gas cleaning system.
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7 CEWEP Waste-to-Energy Congress, Brussels: 24-25 September 2014

The congress will provide an ideal Forum for EU and local decision makers, the waste Management industry and other stakeholders to discuss:
* How can new waste Targets translate into high Quality recovered materials?
* How to make the most of remeining waste
* How will the new generation of 'Best Available Techniques' develop for the waste sector?
* How recovering metals and aggregates from Waste-to-Energy bottom ash helps to Close the loop in the circular economy.
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R1: An incentive for improving energy efficiency

CEWEP publishes the third edition of its report on the energy efficiency of Waste-to-Energy Plants (waste incineration with energy recovery) in Europe.

"The energy efficiency criterion (R1 formula) that was introduced in the Waste Framework Directive has proved to be an incentive for Waste-to-Energy plants in Europe to improve their Energy Efficiency", Ella Stengler, CEWEP’s Managing Director, stated on the occasion of the publication of the association’s third Energy Efficiency report.

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  Industry Barometer: Waste-to-Energy
This barometer analysing expectations / evaluations for the Waste-to-Energy business has been drawn up in cooperation between CEWEP, ESWET and the ecoprog consultancy.
Waste-to-Energy: Helping to close the loop in the Circular Economy
TCEWEP's Response to the Commission's proposal on the Circulr Economy. CEWEP embraces the Commission's Ambition to Phase out landfilling of recyclable and recoverable wasate and urges the decision makers to promote Quality Recycling.
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The First WtERT's Annual Meeting Europe took place 12-14 October 2010 in Brno, Czech Republic - Click here to see the photo gallery, download PDFs and more!

The 4th Annual World Congress of Bioenergy - Theme: Roadmap toward 2020
21.9.2014, Qingdao International Convention Center, Qingdao, China
The 4th New Energy Forum-2014 - Theme: Fueling a Beautiful World of Cleanness and Sustainability
21.9.2014, Qingdao International Convention Center, Qingdao, China
IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition
21.9.2014, Lisbon, Portugal

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